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1. Read the Howto Guide

There is a lot to know! http://pillowfightday.com/howto

2. Create an account

If nobody is hosting a pillow fight in your city, or you are the organizer every year, visit the new user page and choose a name and e-mail address. Follow the directions.

Change your password at the profile page

3. Create a new post

Go here: to the Add Post page.

4. Writing the name of your city for the list

+ Use the name of your city as the post title, which goes in the long, skinny text box at the top of the Add New Post page.

+ You may use either the English name for your city, or the local name for your city. For example, either Milan or Milano is acceptable. If it’s a well-known city, you don’t need to add the country name. If it’s an American state, use the two-letter initial. Examples: Toronto – Des Moines, IA – Eppenberg, Germany.  

5. The information about your pillow fight

Click the “HTML” tab on the top right of the text input box. Copy and paste this code into it:

<img src=http://www.pillowfightday.com/images/Thumb.jpg height=128 width=128 hspace=5 vspace=5 align=left>
<strong>Time</strong>: 3:00pm
<strong>Location</strong>: LOCATION
<strong>Host</strong>: HOST
<strong>Facebook</strong>: <a href=http://yourwebsite.com>Facebook Event</a>

Feel free to add other fields such as directions, your website, etc.

If you want to use a custom thumbnail for the image:
+ Use the image uploader here: http://www.pillowfightday.com/thumbs/thumb.php
+ It is recommended you resize the image in Photoshop to 128×128 before you upload it, but the script can do that for you too.
+ Take the address it gives you and replace it in the example code above

6. Click Submit for Review!

Your post will go into the moderation queue and it should be approved in 24 – 48 hours. If there is a problem, we will e-mail you. After you submit your post you will be able to login and edit it.

Pillow fight!


  1. Is there a costume theme again this year? People in Portland, Maine had a blast with the “Superheros vs. Supervillians” last year :)

  2. My family of 15 are traveling to Phoenix, AZ especially for the pillow fight. However, I can’t find Phoenix on the list, if or where it will be held, or the organizer.

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